Opinion: The Royal Commission Findings

You've probably heard about the Royal Commission into the financial services sector recently. There's been a heap of noise around it and how it impacts you.The entire industry has taken a reputational beating; which is disappointing to the large majority of good advisers doing the right thing!

Well, the long-awaited final report of the banking royal commission was released on Monday. Commissioner Kenneth Hayne recommended many changes for the troubled sector, which we listened to eagerly.

Naturally, I had high expectations of a positive overhaul for consumers; having fully supported the Royal Commission. I’ve been saying for many years, since the GFC, that things needed to change.

What did we see in the Final Report?

The worst offenders escaping with a light rap on the knuckles, and the consumer ultimately wearing more costs and having less options!

Throughout the televised report, I kept wondering ‘So where are the savings going to come from?’ and ‘How will this make quality financial advice more accessible for people? How will this improve things for the consumer?’

All I see happening is Banks, Super & Insurance companies rubbing their hands together again; knowing they have the control back now and they can wipe off their losses by passing them onto consumers.

Does anyone really think they will volunteer to reduce investment costs or insurance premiums to pass on the savings to consumers?

Sadly, you’d be dreaming if you think so. I hope I’m proven wrong!

The ones that were called to task - the Banks - have come out relatively unscathed, while hard working Financial Planners and Mortgage Brokers have been hung out to dry.

Some of the recommendations, if approved, will wipe out many small financial advice businesses, the ones that have tried to ‘keep the bastards honest’.

Over time, Government has made Finance, Super and insurance industries so complex, you have no choice but to get advice. Unfortunately, however, those that may really need advice, may not be able to afford it going forward.

Our promise to you

When I entered the Financial Advice space several years ago, I intentionally avoided aligning myself to the big players (Banks, AMP, & Macquarie etc).

Even though it would have been an easier start (working under the umbrella of an established brand, rather than building my own from scratch) it never sat well with me because I always wanted my Advice to be unbiased. I couldn’t sleep at night knowing I had volume targets to meet, or certain products I had to use, knowing they may not have been the most appropriate for my clients.

It’s just not who I am, and certainly not what I wanted for my clients.

Integrity is the cornerstone of my work ethic and character and underpinning this is that I work and live in a small community where friends are clients and clients are friends.

I’d like to reassure you that we are always at your service and we will always put your needs first.

The beauty of a small, privately owned practice like Investment Zone means our processes and compliance practices are very meticulous, robust and transparent and you can rest assured of our integrity and professionalism. We are free to advise on any products that meet your requirements and act in your best interests.

What’s your take on the Royal Commission Report? Do you think anything will change? Have you been paying attention? We’d love to know your thoughts!

To your financial success,

Brad Macaulay

Owner and Senior Financial Planner

B.Bus (Prop Std), Adv. Dip FS (FP),

F Fin, AAPI, GAICD, JP(Qual)


We help busy professionals like you every day. Book in a free Financial Health Check at www.investmentzone.com.au/bookonline or call us on 3396 8518

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