A Good Financial Planner Is Your Best Asset

Just as everyone should have a trusted health professional to rely on, so should everyone have a trusted financial planner. Professional financial advice isn’t just for the wealthy. 


Financial planning is about establishing a long-term strategy to secure your financial future with the lifestyle and living standards you desire, regardless of your starting point. 

‘Value’ often goes beyond dollars and cents. It can be the peace of mind and security that comes with being better prepared for the future. Once you've begun a relationship with a licensed adviser you will quickly see that he or she adds value to your circumstances by helping you in a number of ways. 

How can a financial planner help? 

1. Setting goals.

This process helps you decide where you want to go in life. A skilled financial planner can assist you to identify your financial goals, prioritise them and understand the steps required to turn your vision into reality.  By knowing your goals and timeframes, it’s easier to see where to concentrate your efforts. You'll also quickly spot the distractions that would otherwise blow you off course. 

2. Getting a financial plan started. 

Developing a written plan with a clear emphasis is critical to achieving your financial objectives. Your planner can provide budgeting and debt management advice to help you start creating wealth without the costly anchor of “bad” debt. Protecting your future dreams with appropriate insurance is another key aspect your planner will manage.

3. Maintaining a diversified portfolio.

Every financial planner is required by law to take a client’s risk tolerance into account as part of their personalised financial plan. Diversification is another important tool for managing risk. This means that the advice given and any investments recommended as part of that process are suited to your specific needs and risk level. And these will change to meet your circumstances as they vary throughout life.  

4. Being there over the long term. 

Going your own way is rarely the best option. Most people don’t have the background knowledge to feel confident about making investment decisions that will have a large bearing on their financial future. Keeping up with all of the legislative changes and new investment offers is also an onerous task. Your planner will be there to steer you on your path to financial independence and ensure your plan remains relevant and on track. 

Your financial plan is not a one-off, set-and-forget arrangement. Just as life has its many twists and turns your plan must be flexible and appropriate to your needs at any point in life.  Working together with a qualified, experienced and licensed financial planner will help you develop a plan that is tailored to you and your life goals. 

Young Consultant

Financial planners are often the first port of call for people seeking advice on investing a lump sum of money. But that is just the tip of the iceberg. A professional financial adviser has the knowledge and skills to help you achieve your goals and objectives by tailoring strategies to address your specific needs.


We will provide you with assistance and guidance on:


  • Financial Planner - creating a personalised Financial Plan geared towards wealth creation, growth and protection.

  • Investment Service - devising the best combination of asset classes to suit your goals and the economic environment.

  • Superannuation Consultant - maximising your super

  • Property Investment - creating the property portfolio of your dreams!

  • Budgeting – reviewing your finances and identifying opportunities to manage debt and save money. Don’t worry – a budget isn’t always a bad thing!

  • Insurance – guiding you on protecting your family and your assets in the event of illness, injury, disability or death.

  • Government benefits and allowances – determining your eligibility for government assistance for various benefits from pensions to co-contribution allowances and ensuring you receive the correct entitlements.


  • Retirement planning – helping you find answers to the important questions such as; “how much money do I need to retire?”; “what do I need to do before I retire?” and “will I be able to retire comfortably now?

  • Estate planning – we work closely with estate planning professionals to show you how best to structure your assets to benefit your estate when you’re no longer here.

  • Education – helping you to understand your investments and other key financial matters. This builds your knowledge and confidence.

Services Offered By Investment Zone