Financial Planner Brisbane

What exactly do financial planners do?

The simple answer is - a financial planner helps you achieve your financial goals.

At Investment Zone we help people at all stages of their lives, from budgeting, to investing, growing and protecting wealth, to retirement.

We want you to live the life you want to live.

Our typical clients are professionals and business owners who are halfway through their working life and they have big plans for their future. We help them to understand their goals and how their investments (including super) should be best working for them; in addition to how to protect them.

Your goals and circumstances will change throughout your life. We will partner with you along the way and adjust your Financial Plan to ensure we continue to achieve your goals. 

No one likes losing money; the worst approach is to put your head in the sand and hope for the best!

Getting the best advice requires you to gather some information and we will need to learn more about your situation. Rest assured - we never judge! Rather, we are on hand to give the best advice for you.

The kind of questions we will ask will pertain to the following areas:

  • Your personal situation - age, employment and your relationship status

  • Your assets - property, land, bank savings, superannuation, investment property, car, shares and other investments

  • Your debts - mortgages, loans and credit card debt

  • Your income - including wages, investments and Centrelink / Government benefits

  • Your expenses - a weekly or monthly budget will clearly show this.

  • Your current insurance policies 

At our first meeting we will cover the most important things:

  • How we operate

  • The scope of the advice (what is and isn't included)

  • The cost and your options for paying

How To Prepare Before You See A Financial Planner
Conversation between Colleagues
In Meeting


We know we get great results for our clients and this does involve having absolute clarity about your situation and what results can be predicted.  
We will also ask you to further questions to work out how much risk you're prepared to accept to reach your goals.
This will help them recommend suitable investments for you.

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Going Forward With Our Advice