Do you need financial advice?

Are you one of the 80% of Australians who may have avoided getting financial advice because you're not sure how a financial adviser can help you? For some, financial planning sounds like a pre-retirement move for people who have amassed a fat salary and a lot of spare cash. What if you’re at the beginning of your career with no savings or you’re middle aged with a growing family and a household budget going backwards? Getting a financial adviser mightn’t be on your radar yet. But should it be. Whether you are approaching retirement, a trip to Europe, your children’s education or for a deposit on your future home, your adviser can help you plan to reach these goals.

“Financial planning is actually all about lifestyle,” Brad says, “You get to set how you want to live now and into the future, and we’ll help guide you. We also firmly believe in our role as educators – good advisers will teach, as well as advise you. Our job is to empower people to make a lifetime of great financial decisions.”

Advisers mostly add value by helping you sort out your financial goals and working with you to develop a plan to achieve them over time. Most importantly, working with an adviser will help you turn ‘thought into action’, especially if you tend to put things off. Our advisers also help you plan for the unexpected and make sure you don't get left behind.

Advice is helpful in times of change. It can be most valuable when you're going through a big life event like starting a family, being retrenched or managing an inheritance. It's also great for less immediate goals like growing your super or planning for retirement. The type of advice you need will depend on your life stage, the amount of money you have to invest and the complexity of your affairs.


Don't think an adviser will make you a millionaire overnight through a secret formula or a magic ability to pick winning investments!

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