Approaching retirement?

You have worked hard for many years and retirement is on the horizon, however, because compulsory superannuation did not commence for some time after you turned 18 and you have spent most of your working life raising a family and paying off a mortgage, your superannuation is far lower than ideal.

Now is the time to act, there are many strategies available to support you, but time is of the essence.


Many people in their mid-50’s have been working since reaching age 16. Generally, they have raised a family and the children have left home to start their own careers. From time to time they do require the support of Mum and Dad but it is becoming less and less. As people, in this age group, approach retirement, they start to think about the lifestyle they would like to enjoy during those years and whether their superannuation is adequate to fund their retirement.


Goals for this category commonly include:

  • Minimise tax

  • Pay off mortgage

  • Travel both domestically and overseas now and in retirement

  • Last minute dash to build up superannuation

  • Asset protection

  • Transition to retirement

  • Estate planning

  • Retire and most importantly maintain lifestyle at retirement.

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