About Brad Macaulay

Founder, Managing Director & Senior Financial Planner

You’ll probably recognise Brad’s friendly face from around the Bayside area. He’s lived here for over 17 years, with his wife Sharyn and his now young adult sons; and they are actively involved in their local community.


Brad is the face of Investment Zone and is responsible for its consistent growth since 2003. When customers entrust Brad with their financial goals and challenges, they feel secure knowing his background, experience and qualifications are more than sufficient to provide expert solutions, as he is a Platinum rated Adviser. He advises his clients in the same way that he would advise family and friends, with their absolute best interests in mind.  


Brad has been involved in the property and financial services industry for over 37 years. He has extensive experience in general banking, property, and business, corporate and rural finance, insurance, real estate, investment funds management and has been a sought-after local & international speaker to Financial Advisers.


Brad’s qualifications

  • Bachelor of Business - Property Studies (University Queensland)

  • Advanced Diploma - Financial Services - FP (Tribeca)

  • Diploma - Financial Planning (Deakin University)

  • Diploma - Financial Services - FP (Tribeca)

  • Certificate IV - Real Estate (Southbank Inst)

  • Justice of the Peace (Qual)


Brad’s corporate experience

Having held various management positions within the retail, business and rural sectors of one of Australia's largest banks and senior positions with National Australia Financial Management, MLC, Australian Unity Investments, Property Funds Australia and then as a General Manager within the Mirvac property group, which included associated duties, as a 'Responsible Manager' on the Australian Financial Service Licence (AFSL), Investment licence for the $600+mil commercial property portfolio of the Mirvac PFA Trust. 


Brad’s memberships and accreditation

  • Fellow of the Financial Services Institute of Australasia (Finsia)

  • Tax (financial) adviser

  • Licensed real estate agent and auctioneer in Queensland

  • RG 146 Accreditation is held



How did Brad get his start?

Brad is a country kid at heart, spending the first 7 years of his life in Miles & Emerald before the family moved to Brisbane. He started out his working career helping his dad as a very (very) young junior lawn bowls greenkeeper at Buranda, Sunnybank and Tarragindi Bowls clubs. He says it's a bit like milking cows (a very early start), but you don't finish until they start bowling, that's usually 9.00am or 1.00pm depending on the day! 


Brad started to earn some real money when he worked at Kmart Sunnybank while in high school. When he could afford too, he traveled to the North Kirra Surf Club to do his required beach patrols and club competitions which resulted in being crowned Junior & Senior Club champion all in one season (as a junior!). His big break came when he started in the bank, licking stamps and hand delivering envelopes, along with doing batches (processing cheques by hand), in and around Brisbane, at the big end of town! As his dad often says, "if you start at the bottom and work hard, you'll get to the top!"



Brad's interests

As a keen sportsman, Brad follows the local Wynnum Rugby Club and Manly Dragon Boat clubs. When he’s not reading about business and finance news, he enjoys training with the local swimming squad at the Manly pool and loves nothing more than chilling out, sitting on a tractor slashing his parent-in-laws property in Kin Kin, near Gympie , when he gets a chance.


Brad was a Trustees of the St. Laurence's College Old Boys Foundation for just on 7yrs until August 2021 and served as the Chairman of its Investment Committee for the last 2 years.


Brad has also been involved in the local Rotary Club, as well as being a member of the Apex at Goondiwindi and later as Club Treasurer of the club at Warwick, QLD. Brad was the founding Treasurer of the Goondiwindi Triathlon club which is still going strong today after 30 years. This event has been known for many years as the 'Queensland Long Course State Championship' and will take place again this year. www.hellofthewest.com


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Brad has been in the property and financial services industry for over 37 years.

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Roger Montgomery at one of our seminars

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